Managed Service Providers (MSP) offer many benefits to your company. From cost savings to monitoring and minimizing security risks, an MSP will handle the stress of the ever-changing technology in your office.

As an MSP, we’ve seen first-hand the improvements a business can make by hiring a managed service provider. Here are some benefits you can potentially expect for your company.

  1. 1. Cost Savings. If you’re a company who doesn’t have an IT department or doesn’t want the task of recruiting and finding qualified individuals, then an MSP will save you time and money. However, even if you have an IT department, an MSP can still augment your current staff by providing additional support, allowing them to work on other projects, or handling helpdesk the staff doesn’t have time for. With an MSP, you have access to their pool of experts and don’t need to worry about investing in IT employees to continually improve skills or learn new software. Additionally, MSPs are usually affordable since their overhead costs are shared across multiple clients.
  2. 2. 24/7 Monitoring. An MSP will monitor your systems 24/7 and can detect issues before they interfere with company productivity. They can also provide you with proactive solutions to minimize security risks. If the MSP has an IT Help Desk, then employees can submit tickets for minor computer problems. Valeo Networks is known for our quick turnaround on help desk tickets.
  3. 3. Knowledge/Access to Innovation. MSPs specialize in information technology, which means it’s
    their job to understand the market, be aware of potential threats and be the first to know about new technology. They should also understand your system inside and out. They can provide guidance on the best backup solutions and ways to secure data from ransomware and virus attacks.
  4. 4. Improved service, less risk. Since they’re outsourced by a contract, they are always looking to develop tools and processes that can improve your business. They’ll also reduce risk with many of the things we’ve already mentioned, but also ensuring you meet IT security compliance with any healthcare, business or government regulations. Keeping your systems running smoothly means less cleanup work too. Being proactive about potential risks is better and less expensive than bringing someone in to fix an issue after it’s already occurred.
  5. 5. Disaster recovery. Security breaches do happen, and when they do, having an MSP on your side will make disaster recovery smooth. Knowing they’re handling your backups also means that when the main office goes down, they can get you up and running faster utilizing the backups.

In addition to these top five benefits, you get the peace of mind knowing your IT needs are being taken care of by experts. Covington Computer Technologies LLC offers managed IT services, including remote PC access and management, mobile device management, Help Desk, 24/7 monitoring and much more. If you’re interested in getting an MSP or want to change current MSPs, then reach out to us via the contact page or our live chat!