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South Alabamas Premier Computer shop. Simplifying technology with Services you can trust and Quality you can afford.

Technology For Tomorrow

Outstanding Business Features

We offer our customers expertise every step of the way, from finding the technology that best fits your needs to expert advice on using it. Our experienced staff provides in-store and in-home services, including system installation, wireless network assistance, data transfer and recovery, and much more.

Business Growth

Aligning technology infrastructure with current and future business priorities is critical for growth. We offer strategic planning and assessing the technology landscape. From strategic planning and IT roadmaps to modernizing your technology stack, we assemble the right fit for your unique needs and bring fresh and innovative ideas from the outside in. The result? A proactive, futureproof IT strategy that’s optimized, cost-effective and scalable.

Business Sustainability

CCT has 20+ years' experience partnering with clients to design solutions and implement new technologies that drive growth and competitive advantage. Consulting on how to best design your infrastructure, resources to modernize your technology, or fast, secure and easy migration to the cloud, we’re here to help.

Business Performance

We offer a wide range of technology products that are sure to fit your every need, whether it's improving your work-from-home office or on-the-go solutions. We also provide full service technology repairs and solutions and are dedicated to providing our customers fast and professional services.

Business Organization

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Dedicated Teams

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24X7 support

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Technology from tomorrow

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On-Site Repairs

Get your repairs where you need it, when you need it with our on-site repair. Whether you need immediate assistance or are unable to come into the store, our trained technicians will come to you. So don’t stress when a virus strikes your laptop, or when your computer glitches at the same time as your car. Computer PROS is your all-around IT solution no matter where you are. We go the extra mile (so you don’t have to) to make sure that all your needs are met.

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Customer Support

Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Repair Shop. Are you looking for an IT support center that offers local computer repair? Located in Andalusia's Heath community, Covington Computers expert technicians can repair your technology quickly and efficiently. From MacBook Air to Dell desktop repair, Covington Computers provides the IT services you need when you need them. Call 334-222-7994 or book an appointment today!

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Transfer & Recover Data

Moving data can be tricky— with one click of a button, you could permanently delete important files. Let Covington Computers help you move your pictures, documents, and other valuable data from one device to another without losing anything in the process. If you’ve already misplaced some files, we can also help locate and recover lost data and make sure it’s secure going forward.

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Install Your Operating Systems

We can help you install the latest version of Microsoft Windows® or Apple OSX on your computer— or Android or iOS on your phone or tablet— so your device will update properly, guaranteed. Sometimes, when operating systems aren’t installed the correct way, you can perpetuate problems and lose your valuable data. Come to Covington Computers to get your installations done right the first time and enjoy smooth operating.

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Install Your Wireless Mesh Network

Expand fast internet throughout your home with a wireless mesh network. No more unexpected crashing or slow speeds; at Covington Computers, we’ll help you select the right mesh network for your home and internet needs and install it without a hitch

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Upgrades and Maintenance

If your computer isn’t running as fast as when you first got it, then you could be due for an upgrade or maintenance. Upgrades help maximize your computer’s memory which increases speed and maintenance, such as getting a system tune-up and a physical cleaning, helps prevent future problems and make sure your device stays running like new. Our technical consultants are extremely educated on all brands of software and will ensure to install your upgrades correctly and quickly.

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